Osi Affiliate

Do you have a lot of friends that you think can benefit from our Super Fancy Business Cards?

Now you can get paid REAL MONEY by referring your friends to ShaynaMade!

Track every sale through your own dashboard. Rewards are listed below:

  • $50 Store Credit (for 10 purchases)
  • $100 Store Credit (for 20 purchases)
  • $100 Gift Card (for 20 purchases)
  • Espresso and Cappuccino Maker (for 50 purchases)
  • Sony a5000 E-mount Camera (for 100 purchases)
  • Vitamix Professional series 750 (for 130 purchases)


We are growing fast and it is because our customers are spreading the word. Now we want to return the favor to everyone who has helped us. Start getting PAID today!


*Policy* ShaynaMADE reserves the right to cancel/disable your affiliate privileges if we discover that you are using your provided affiliate link in an unethical way. Grounds for automatic cancellation is putting the affiliate link we provide you on coupon or deal sites, etc, in attempt to trick consumers into clicking a link for a “coupon” that ShaynaMADE does not offer.

Refer and Earn

Please provide us with the following information to get started.